About Us

Who we are and what is our vision?

Ace Micro is a knowledge-based enterprise. We are committed to achieve the highest quality in all our products and services. Specifically Ace Micro provides the following services:

  • Migration from physical infrastructure to virtual infrastructure.
  • Migration of Windows Operating Systems to Open Source and Linux based IT systems.
  • Disaster recovery and backup solutions. Business Application Development and Customization.
  • Provision of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for manufacturing, distribution, sales and service industries.
  • IT security design and audit and provision of IT Security Tools for the Data Center.
  • Secure Communication and Messaging.

Ace Micro focuses primarily at large domestic public and private sector enterprises where its IT solutions can result in great improvements in productivity and economy.

Globally, open source market is a fast developing niche where enterprises have understood the need of taking an initiative of being independent of proprietary software/solutions. Ace Micro serves this fast growing market by evaluating the needs of such enterprises, educating the decision makers and putting together comprehensive solutions that provide tailor-made flexibility, reduced cost, robustness, fault tolerance, lower down time/maintenance and superior life of ownership experience. Ace Micro promises increased profitability by reducing the total IT acquisition and support costs using open source technologies.

Ace Micro specializes in information infrastructure design, enterprise network design enterprise business solutions. Utilizing the power of open source technologies, Ace Micro can help its customers achieve faster ROI on its investments. With over 10 years of local and international experience of Ace Micro’s Technical Management, our company is already catering to the local and foreign markets in the financial, educational, government, and security arena.